4 Effective Ways to Attract Freelancers to Your Coworking Space

In a world that is becoming more connected than ever, it is not surprising that people are opting to do freelance work than commit to a single company or organisation. This gives them the flexibility to do work anywhere and anytime. 

While freelancers could do work at home or at a cafe, a coworking space offers the facilities of an office like printing and high-speed internet! Here are some ways you could attract this group of people to your coworking space!

Offer a Trial Period

A free trial enables potential clients to have a look and spend the day at the coworking space. Freelancers have specific preferences and needs in regards to their work. Having them come to your space without committing to a contract allows them to experience it hands-on and decide if it is the right one for them. This will draw more prospective members to understand your coworking space and the community around it!

Have a Referral Program


Freelancers usually have a network of friends close to them. Your coworking space could start a referral programme to get more freelancers in through your current clients. Offer discounts or extra perks to members who bring in their acquaintances. You might be surprised how effective this might be! 

Organise Events and Activities

Organise exciting social events and thematic workshops for non-members. This opens up your coworking space to new people and freelancers. Group activities also foster community building that attracts current members to participate and mingle with the first-timers people at your space. Through this, they can help put in a good word for you and hopefully garner some interest and buzz about your business!

Work with Local Businesses

By partnering with nearby restaurants, coffee shops and gyms, you incentivise freelancers to become a member at your coworking space. Offer your members special discounts or benefits at the partnered establishments. Your new partners would also gain new patrons or subscribers through this partnership!

Freelancers are great clients for your coworking space as they would optimally utilise your space, enjoy the benefits of a membership as well as attract more people working remotely to work at your place! If you want to know more about coworking spaces, have a look at this one here https://www.commonground.work