6 ways to conduct a less stressful interview for your candidates

Even the most qualified candidate you find at Jobstreet can feel incredibly stressful during an interview. Stumbling over their words or freaking out midway through an interview are some of the signs of a very nervous candidate.

You may ask, why should I care if a candidate is comfortable? Isn’t it all part of the test?

Well, candidates can’t show their real potential when they’re stressed out. If you manage to make them feel at ease, not only will the candidate show you their best side, but it also leaves a good impression of you and the company.

Give a friendly greeting

First impression matters for both you and your candidates. Just like how you’ll feel wary if a candidate greets you rudely, a candidate will also think the same way if you do the same.

It’s good to greet an interviewee personally before the interview starts, or you can make sure a friendly staff member takes care of them if that’s not possible.

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Offer them a drink

A dry throat and lips are a sign of nervousness. Not only does offering a glass of water helps with their stress, but it also a chance for them to gather their themselves as they take a sip.

It’s also just common courtesy to offer a drink.

Be punctual

No one likes waiting for a late party to show up. If a candidate is late to an interview, it shows irresponsibility and no respect, and it applies to you too.

Don’t make your candidates more nervous than they should feel. Make sure you are on time for your appointments.

Choose a comfortable location

The environment around your interview session can affect a candidate’s mood. Is it too cold? Is it too dark? Are the chairs too stiff?

Take the time to think about the settings of your interview location and try to make as comfortable as possible.

Wear a smile

Imagine going to an interview and the person asking you questions has a serious look on their face. Scary!

Try smiling more and even laugh if the situation is appropriate. Everyone likes a cheerful person.

Don’t ask mind-boggling questions

You’re holding interviews to find out if the candidate’s qualified and if their personality suits your company culture, not to put them in a tight spot. Asking brainteasers or trick questions may not necessarily be the greatest way to see a candidate’s potential.

Avoid asking weird or disrespectful questions as it will cause your candidate uncomfortable or unsure.


Interviews are a chance to get to know a candidate, not for you to torture them with stress. Make it a comfortable experience, and both you and the candidate will have a better time.

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