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explore Desaru johor in two days

Usually how you spend your weekend? Hiding in the bedroom? Watching Television? Shopping? Or sleep? It is so uninteresting. Go to enjoy at Desaru. Most people were clueless that Desaru is in fact fun until we visit. Find Desaru attractions here and you should know why it’s great to pay a visit to here, beach resort in Johor, also hotel Desaru and then the food there.

What to Do in Desaru

Hotels to Stay

Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast offers luxury rooms and suites that promise a comfortable stay. Besides that, they provide unique amenities and entertainment that is definitely suitable for all age groups and diverse restaurants which offer you great dining experience. That’s why they are famous as the family-friendly resort.

beach resort in johor

Amansari Hotel Desaru is also one of the famous and cozy hotels in Desaru, at the same time, with reasonable price. The place is nearby to Desaru Beach, amongst the attractions in Desaru. It is easy to visit in case you’re staying in this hotel. The place provides luggage storage which is convenient for travllers to keep their luggage.

Places to Visit

Desaru Coast Adventure Waterpark is one of the famous waterparks in Malaysia which is really fun for all ages. It’s divided into 5 zones and each one zone have their uniqueness. For example, Tidal Wave Beach is considered the biggest wave pools in today’s world. Zone 5 is Kids Ahoy specifically suitable for toddlers, young children, tweens and early teens!

Won the “Best Agro- Tourism site” Award in 2006, without doubt, that Desaru Fruit Farm is one top places to visit in Desaru. Through the guided farm tour to 180 acres, natural tropical fruit land, agricultural gallery, fish pond and vegetable, and herb garden, you can discover the wonders of Desaru Fruit Farm.

After visit Desaru Ostrich Farm, you can visit Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, which contains above 1000 crocodiles. Same as the ostrich farm, you will definitely get the opportunity to get close to the crocodiles (with the supervising of the caretaker). Also, the caretaker will share all of the fun things about crocodiles with you.

Food to Eat

In case you visit Desaru Beach, do go and try the seafood at Jade Garden Seafood Corner which is just Half an hour away from Desaru Beach. The restaurant is popular and highly suggested as all the dish is delicious and the cost is cheap. Their seafood is fresh and does not have a fishy smell. Is definitely a worthy spot to visit.

Another famous seafood restaurant in Desaru is Sengat Seafood Restaurant. It is nearby Teluk Sengat Crocodile Farm, allowing you to pay a visit here after your visit there. Muslim can also enjoy seafood here as their food is Muslim-friendly. Their salted egg crab is really good and also the price is reasonable. Absolutely value for money!

All the attractions in Desaru are perfect for a family trip, especially Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Coast, that provide amenities and entertainment for all ages. Additionally, it’s nearby to Desaru Coast Adventure Water Park. So, if you’re planning to do a family vacation, go to Desaru and spend quality time with the family here. Get more information now at

Save World By Living Green With Mitsubishi Electric Products Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia: Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Electrical appliances and electronic products have made people life easier, productive, secure and better. In everyday living, electrical appliances not only focus to help human in daily task, moreover need to be environmentally friendly. Mitsubishi Electric started in 1921 and continuously invent and innovate electrical and electronic products, for example, the inverter air conditioner.

inverter air conditioner

Since 1989

Malaysia is among the most strategic location in ASEAN, this really makes Mitsubishi Electric to invest and make factory in Malaysia in 1989. With variant goods like air conditioning, variable refrigerant flow, and air curtains. This makes Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia one of the most successive brand mainly because goods covered for private and enterprise solutions.

However Mitsubishi Electic is not merely restricted to ac production relevant to household purpose, basically because they turned out to be a-# 1 available in the market, but they also offer air conditionner systems that appears to be intended for residential, industrial and commercial-use, all energy-efficient and environnemental friendly.

Building system tools

Have you ever wonder what’s the version of the lift, elevator, or escalator that you have used everyday? One of these is simply Mitsubishi Electric. Their building system is good for residential and commercial used. Through their cutting-edge technology, their products make sure the durability, safety, and reliability.

Through the edge when things are all automated and robotized around the industrial field, Mitsubishi has created innovative automation systems, this includes an inverter, industrial robot, and many others, targeting at increase productivity, aggregate energy efficiency and generates efficient work management.

The first electric fan

Do you know what could be their first-hit product? This is an electric fan which is usually for consumer use. If you are searching for high-quality and durable home products which includes fan, refrigerator, water pump, feezer, or fridge, pay a visit to Mitsubishi Electric. Their home products incorporate high technologies for minimal environmental impact.

In conjuction of producing the planet a superior place to live and build an eco-friendly environment, Mitsubishi Electric have put vigorous effort on this. Their product assists with making our life easier without alter the environment and other people. They always be certain their manufacturing process, products, and other people are not going to affect the environment.

Still evolving and R&D

Why is this company so advanced in New Technologies? This is because Japan, is fully look closely at Research & Development (R&D) and they are proeminent within the electronic and robotic industries. Besides it has at their disposal several technology centres focused on Industrial design, I . t and many more, hence this technology advancement.

As for the bottom line, this Japan’s electrical brand, Mitsubishi Electric has completed a lot of achievements to strive for first-rate manufactured goods give benefit to people and the environment. You may want to visit their webpage at and follow on their own social media accounts to understand their technology and items.”

Top Recruitment Site in Malaysia: JobStreet

We are all aware that managing a business has its own difficulties, and driving it to the peak is even much more intense. You will discover many different components that make up an effective business including implementing the appropriate strategy, timing, product offering, plus your targeted audience. Another crucial factor that will affect the performance of the company is its talents. Thus, it is important to hire top talents. Read the article below to learn how to recruit top talents for your company through a recruitment site.

Never settle for ordinary workforce again

The fundamental component of an accomplished enterprise is keeping best performers on the squad. With a great group, there is no predicament your company isn’t able to fix. In the event your company consists of talents with all the essential skills and mindset, there is no question that the business will attain lasting success jointly with your team.

Hiring the most ideal job seeker is oftentimes mind-numbing, and this is especially true for hiring managers ahead of the advancement of technological innovation. Word-of-mouth, advertising boards and then later, advertising in papers were the means of employment. Handling the database of possible employees was also intricate as cvs were composed on paper in the past, causing it to be difficult to access and organize employment applications.

recruitment site

Then again, with the coming of computers and access to websites, less emphasis has been put towards the old fashioned candidate selection process. In the current status quo, corporations will be able to interact with audiences globally. Online recruitment minimizes time loss and decreases cost, and significantly reduces physical waste!

Mark Chang Mun Kee established Jobstreet in Malaysia in 1997. This company is now one of Southeast Asia’s greatest online career search site, and at the moment assists around 80 thousand corporate entities and 11 million talent by aiding in facilitating the communication and matching of career prospects between hiring managers and candidates.

Jobstreet provides for a full suite of support towards the valued online subscribers. It enables job hunters to generate a profile and hunt for job vacancies on its website. By integrated sourcing, job adverts are shared by hiring managers to attract and hook up with suitable talents. By using Jobstreet’s talent search feature, looking for the most skilled applicant in the region’s widest data source has never been simpler.

The hiring process evolves for the better thanks to Jobstreet. At this point, with larger data pools, advanced employee filtering systems, and improved communication tools, the process of recruiting the perfect talent for the agency is more effortless than ever.

Jobstreet first established its headquarters in Malaysia, and then in 2014, it was acquired by SEEK Limited, internet recruitment business based in Australia. It has since been a leading player in Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, as well as Indonesia. The common goal of the business is to correctly match prospects with employers of excellent repute across Asia.

When you’re a business searching to find candidates, please continue to Jobstreet employer site at to uncover a good candidate that’s most suitable for your energetic group now.

Job Hunting: Easy Tips to Help ‘Fresh Grad’

In an increasingly challenging job-seek environment, you must be smart in promoting your own unique selling point. Especially for those who are relatively fresh in the world of work, such as school leavers, colleges or universities, many do not know how to distinguish themselves from other candidates, who have no direct experience in the field of work but only experience during the internship period.

If you are a new graduate student, what supplies and things to do to get a job as soon as possible? Here we share what you can do to get the job fastest. Here are the easiest and fastest tips to get a job.

jobstreet ph employer site

Find a Job Before Graduating

If you are in the final semester or before graduation, you are encouraged to start searching and analysing the job markets, especially the field involved. At this point you have begun to review the company involved and whichever related to your field of work. You may identify the company and list your priority. Then you see the web of companies that have been listed to make it easier for you to find the vacancy info.

Study the Trends of Advertising

View each company’s website and analyse the trend of advertising by monthly or yearly, if any. Give priority to the company where you are practicing or do internship. See what types of posts are usually advertised. If the usual job offer is relevant but not according to your study field, do not worry you will still have the opportunity to look at the field of job assignment and study in general or vice versa. The objective of this is because some companies do not take into accounts the specification of study but only at the candidates’ competence and character. For examples, it is applied to customer service posts or ticketing and so on. Or else, you may refer to job-seeking page such as JobStreet Malaysia, JobStreet Philippines and others.

Part-time Job

Many who underestimate the importance of maximizing vacation time to work. It does not matter if you only work as a clerk because this will teach you to adapt to a different world of work with the world of study. And although the duration is not long but it will help raise your self-worth because an experienced clerk can train themselves to communicate well, increase the competence in public speaking, more responsible to others and more advantages to you to get fastest job.

Make Sure your Appearance can Persuade your Employer

If you are persuading a professional career, you are advised to dress like a successful person. This is the first thing for you to have a really good “first impression.” Make sure you know the culture of the company. But sometimes when you overly dressed, your employer will not like to see it because it does not fit the culture of the company. That’s why you need to make sure you wear the dress that suitable to the position and the culture of the company you are requesting, because sometimes what the employer expects may be just you to be neat and polite.

Business or Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in entrepreneurship or doing business, do you know that there are many job opportunities coming from small companies that need immediate sales assistants, such as boutique shops, supermarkets, restaurants, stationery shops, hotel services and so on. Who knows what opportunities exist when you know the existing customers. Here you may build a huge networking and relationship and the network can be used as it is very important for your future career. Even though sometimes the salary is not good enough but the experience is valuable. Every job we have has the untold competence and skills. Normally everything will come after you work elsewhere. So why not try beforehand, any work is better than sitting unemployed isn’t it? At least you can pay for your study loans with it.

All in all

In a nutshell, you are advised to take any opportunity in front of your eyes even if it works only as a tea lady. Although we have a degree, a Master or a PHD, do not be shy about doing the work that is not our level. Try it! Because you will surely have a valuable experience in your life. It’s easy to see but through the experience it will become more expensive for ourselves. If you becomes a leader someday, your work will be easier as you will understand what the subordinates are all about through your previous job.

PediaSure: Nutritional Supplements That Help In Child Growth

The market industry currently is flooded with food supplements promising every one of the richness of nutrition available for you and also your child. As it can sometimes lead to the paradox of choice, we feel that it’s of importance to us to show some info over the many varieties of formula milk by Abbott Nutrition available in the market, namely their features, and who should consume them.

Good Reasons To Decide On For Abbott Nutrition & Newborn Formula


Since it is pretty common today for folks to experience trouble ensuring that their kids get adequate quantity of daily nutrients, Pediasure serves as the perfect supplement to make up for that insufficient dosage. Getting your kids the correct amount of daily nutrition required is crucial to help them prevent diseases.

Formula Milk

It’s full of proteins, vitamins (25) and minerals which you’ll find required for development and growth. Includes probiotics, FOS, and MCT oil. Along with over 20 essential nutrient elements together which enable you to raise height, weight and grow stronger antibody to reduce the number of sick days. Another bonus point is it’s lactose-free!

If you are interested to give your child Pediasure milk, do check out the website at to learn more about it.


Giving your infant a superb head start alive, Similac provides an array of carefully researched products that delivers a blend of choline, lutein, taurine, iron, iodine, ARA, DHA, and natural vitamin E and more to support your baby’s growth and development into a healthy child. Similac also has products in adult nutrition, child nutrition, sports nutrition and therapeutic to cater to everyone.

Similac allows you to support a baby’s overall growth which includes their brain, eye, and immunity mechanism. The results of the ingredient are; DHA really helps to improve brain development, Lutein is a nutrient seen in breast milk that’s needed for improving eye health. Vitamin E is essential for supporting cell development, Nucleotides are the building blocks for constructing a strong defense system,   helps to protect your baby’s cells with nutrients like vitamin C, E, and selenium. And finally, Prebiotics for encouraging digestive health for getting a stronger disease fighting capability.


Unlike Pediasure, Ensure can be described as a formula that is formulated for fragile adults, especially those who has got low energy. Ensure provides the equivalent amount of calories as Pediasure. However, with regards to the adult’s nutritional needs, this product’s formula is actually adjusted to create niacin, selenium, vitamin A, and Vitamin B12, chromium, selenium, plus much more.

Earth’s leading scientists have expertly developed the Ensure formula with several scientific studies. Abbott Nutrition upholds a very high standard to present adults everywhere a normal standard of living offering cutting-edge formulas in order to meet the changing nutrition needs. Ensure works very hard to help babies and youngsters grow, keep bodies strong, and support the everyday requirements of older people.


Long story short, Pediasure contributes your little one’s physical and mental growth development, while Similac increases their capability to draw in and process information. Similac Mom is ideal for breastfeeding and pregnant mothers and Ensure is great if you have had difficulties eating and who want extra energy. Still unsure of regarding what product to try? You should consult your doctor.

Best Coworking Spaces to look at in KL & Selangor

Top Coworking Spaces in Malaysia for Solo Entrepreneurs

In the modern era today, the very idea of working culture has evolved drastically. People doesn’t make an effort to work within offices. They have an inclination to be on the move, echoing their thrill lifestyle. Today, we witness an exponential increasing amount of freelancers and digital nomads. Generally, they work to retain a flexible lifestyle, while ensuring the uppermost level of productivity within their workload. Every one of these individuals don’t want to retain and enduringly settle in a business office. Hence, the right virtual office the correct option.

The co-working

Folks who demand a coworking space won’t be disappointed with the number of choices that exist in the Klang Valley area. There are plenty of shared offices for you to choose all around the area that may compliment your working style.

Strategically located down the middle of Kuala Lumpur, Colony @ KLCC is amongst several coworking space you are likely to hardly miss. With regards to their slogan “Get a Life at Work” Colony aims to improve an old-school working culture to generally be more dynamic and flexible by letting customers to contain a work and lifestyle balance.

Common Ground

Common ground is a coworking space that echoes a similar ambiance of an office. However, unlike an office, it operates on a serviced basis, forming a virtual office. Colony provides work areas like a coworking desk space in addition to a personalized space for your own company. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is critical, hence you can relieve your body’s stress in our Sky Gym, alongside the pool. Also, we even offer a nap room and massage room for the days where working isn’t an option. Besides that, they offer an event rental space.

Another coworking space in the list is Common Ground. A place that already have several venue within the Malaysia and Singapore. Their main objective isn’t only to offer you a working station, but more engaging a community in the establishment.

coworking space

Office spaces

Office spaces in Common Ground are modern that balances professionalism and style. You too can enjoy various services like the finest speed internet, cost-free refreshments, and onsite office staff that may assist you everytime you need them. Common Ground also supports both you and your business with services such like graphic design, tax and accounts, and insurance. The Common Ground App can also downloadable if you wish to meet individuals inside the co-working space.

You will find the next coworking space in the Klang Valley area called Worq. Space. Based in TTDI Damansara, this single-story, one-stop office space aims to churn out customers’ maximum productivity whilst connecting together with 1 another.

We prior our customers

Customer priority is put at its utmost importance in Worq.Space. They provide services like an event space, fully furnished offices, hotdesks, permanent desks, pantry services to have a free flow of food, discounts, as well as more benefits.

Like to spend money on coworking spaces? Looking for a different workplace? Don’t worry, making use of number of choices, you’re able to make a decision. Visit to decide.

The Advantages of Mobile Banking You Should Know

In this modern era now, we do not have to queue up to make transactions at counters, at ATMs, or subscribe to the internet with the PCs anymore. Mobile banking making it easy for customers to conduct banking transactions anytime and anywhere, simply by using a mobile phone that has been registered first in the bank and make sure your mobile network is connected to your provider’s network and you have enough credits to make any transaction.

mobile banking rhb

Mobile banking is so easy and practical to use and can support any various of banking transactions we needed. However, do you know there are few more advantages of mobile banking that you need to know, so it remains the number one choice of your banking transaction? There are as follows:

Easy, Simple, Effective

Banking transactions made through mobile banking are easy, practical and can be done anytime and anywhere, as long as your mobile card is active and has been registered at the bank. And its simple features through is very easy to understand. All instruction is provided easily, in details and we can transfer money directly to the same or different bank account through mobile banking with a wider range of network connectivity than it exceeds internet banking, so that it also cost effective than internet banking.

Beneficial To The Merchant Bank

The bank also benefits from mobile banking services as it reduces the cost of tele-banking and is more economical that these facilities can make it easier for consumers to make transactions, so banks can increase their customers’ satisfaction, become closer and able to reach their customers with it.

As Communication Platform

Bank products can also be easily promoted through mobile banking services such as credit cards, loans, and others in certain customer groups. In addition to product promotions, various bank services that can be accessed through it include account payment information, savings amount information, transaction history, remittance facilities, and more accessible directly through the customer’s mobile phone.

Safe Than Ever

Each time after the transfer, you will receive a notification via SMS as proof of the success of your transfer, so you can make sure your transfer as successful and reach the sender account quickly. As from the side of mobile banking security, it can reduce the risk of fraud as customers received the SMS when there is activity on customer account either deposit, withdrawal, or transfer between accounts made.

All in All

Mobile banking facilitates every banking transaction from your mobile phone. Although it has many advantages that will benefit you in making transactions, you still have to be aware of all the possibilities that can drain your account content. Therefore, it is recommended that you be more careful and maintain yours confidentiality from access code to the PIN number.

Kid Formula & Nutrition Products by Abbott Nutrition

A Closer Look At Abbott Nutrition’s Toddler Nutrition Products

Because there are now way too many options of nutrition formula available in the market, picking the right product for the ideal person that consumes it is important. Whilst the the easy way to avoid confusion is usually by consulting your doctor, we would like to discuss some valuable information regarding nutritional products by Abbott Nutrition with you, and who are able to profit from every one of them.

Nutrition supplement

Pediasure is specially formulated as a form of nutrition supplement for fussy-eating kids. The effort with fussy eaters is that they unknowingly denied themselves from consuming the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and also other nutrients. An insufficiency inside essential nutrients is what makes child weak and vulnerable to illness. Nice thing about it is, by way of drinking 3 glasses of Pediasure everyday, children can get all the nutrients as a consequence boosting their immune system and also lactose intolerance symptoms.

Balanced nutrition

Pediasure gets the right balance of nutrition and calories specifically for healthy kids. Did you know that Vitamin B12 and Vitamin A are crucial for brain and body balanced growth of a young girl? Apart from that, they’ll also require healthy amount of Biotin, magnesium, copper, zinc, chromium and selenium growing bigger and healthier.

Similac for mothers

What’s more, Abbott Nutrition also provides another type of Similac product that is produced for mothers, Similac Mom. With 23 minerals and vitamins, the product may help to provide nutrients to the mother during pregnancy and lactation period. This is very important in being sure that the mother provides sufficient nutrient for the fetus inside the womb plus the infant during breasfeeding.

lactose intolerance symptoms

Low energy elders

Ensure®. On the other hand, Ensure is seen as a formula that is definitely made for physically fragile adults with low degree of energy, for example, the elderly. While it contains the same calories as Pediasure, this product’s formulation has been adjusted based over the geriatric population’s daily needs, by using a higher volume of biotin, copper, chromium, magnesium, niacin, selenium, plus much more.

Ensure for adults

Ensure simply cannot be consumed by children simply because proportion of nutritional content is different. The product is highly recommended in hospitals for patients who has problems with certain illness or have undergone a an operation that makes it difficult for these to consume solid food. When combined with a fluid, the product may be consumed through gastric tube to provide the patient’s daily nutritional needs.

Solve nutrition deficiency

To conclude, Abbott Nutrition is a manufacturer that offers the many nutritional capabilities that is required that may help develop babies, children and adults with their physical and mental growth. Pediasure aims to meet any nutritional gaps for young children aged between 1-10 who happen to be generally fussy with regards to their eating, Similac provides special nutrients to build up a baby’s cognitive skills and Ensure concentrates on the older audience to those people who were struggling with nutrition deficiency. For having a complete nutritional diet, think Abbott Nutrition and find out more from

Information About Pediasure, Similac & Similac Mom, Ensure

Seeing as there are now too many options of baby formula milk all around, deciding on the right product for the right individual that consumes it is pretty important. While the best way to avoid confusion is as simple as consulting a health practitioner, we’d like to discuss some valuable information regarding nutritional products by Abbott Nutrition for you, and who is going to really benefit from each of them.

Good Reasons To Choose For Abbott Nutrition & Infant Formula


Pediasure is specially formulated as a form of nutrition supplement for fussy-eating kids. The difficulty with fussy eaters is they unknowingly denied themselves from consuming the recommended daily dose of carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and also other nutrients. A deficiency in the important nourishment would make the child weak and subject to illness. Good news is, just by drinking 3 glasses of Pediasure every day, the kids will have all the nutrients and hence boosting their natural immunity.

Pediasure’s formula delivers the correct quantity of calories for the kids. Additionally, it has the appropriate amount of nutrients which include Vitamin A, B12, Biotin, copper, magnesium, selenium, as well as zinc which happen to be crucial equally for physical and mental growth of a youngster. It is significant to comprehend their exact nutritional needs, as sometimes overdose of vitamins is generally harmful.

baby formula milk


Furthermore, Abbott Nutrition, in addition, has another sort of Similac item that is actually created for mothers, Similac Mom. With 23 vitamins and minerals, this item will help to provide nutrients to a mother while being pregnant and lactation period. This is very important in making certain the mother can provide sufficient nutrient towards the fetus in the womb along with the infant during breasfeeding.


In contrast, Ensure is a formula which is produced for physically fragile adults with a low level of energy, for example, the elderly. While it offers the same calories as Pediasure, this product’s formulation has been adjusted based upon the geriatric population’s daily needs, which includes a higher percentage of biotin, copper, chromium, magnesium, niacin, selenium, and many more.

However, Ensure shouldn’t be consumed by kids, as is the nutritional proportions in this particular formula are produced for adults. This particular product is made for hospital patients who may have undergone surgery or have an illness that prevents them from eating solid food. If the patient is only able to consume through the gastric tube, Ensure is easily combined with a fluid to fulfill a person’s nutritional needs.


In conclusion, Abbott Nutrition is a brand name that gives all of the nutritional capabilities that you need that will help develop babies, kids, and adults in relation to their mental and physical growth. Pediasure aims to meet up with any nutritional gaps for little ones aged between 1-10 who’re generally fussy with regards to their eating, Similac provides special nutrients to build up a baby’s cognitive skills and Ensure concentrates on the older audience to people who sadly are struggling with nutrition deficiency. To have a high-quality nutritional diet, think Abbott Nutrition. Visit and to explore more.