Guide to Choose Baby Milk for Constipation Baby

As we all know, no milk can replace the mother’s milk in terms of nutrient and bonding content formed between the child and the mother during the breastfeeding process. But sometimes, there are certain reasons that mothers are forced to look for alternatives other than breast milk.

As a parent, choosing the best baby milk for your baby is a heavy duty especially if your baby is susceptible to constipation. And choosing baby milk for a constipation baby is even harder.

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According to a specialist physician and breastfeeding consultant at Children’s Specialist Treatment Center most cases of infant and constipation children found at the clinic are based on the following three conditions:

  1. Parents provide formula milk and are too dependent on the milk
    Formula milk takes time to digest and causes the baby to feel full longer, especially high calorie milk. Its content consists of flour such as corn starch which is starchy material which causes the stool to become hard and has a texture like glue.
  2. Drink less plain water and does not meet daily needs
    Plain water is very important to produce a soft stool so it is easier to remove from the intestine. If the water in the body is less or dehydration occurs, the body will absorb the water from the intestine. This condition makes the stool worse and harder to remove.
  3. Lack of fibrous intake
    Fibre works like a sponge. Fibre is not digested by the digestive system but is left in the intestines to help absorb water from the intestine containing stools. It makes the stools softer. Fruits, vegetables and high-Fibre cereals are good food for intestinal trips.

Parents with constipation baby often tell that they have included vegetables in their child’s food, but one kind of vegetables alone is not enough. Instead parents need to multiply the portion of fiber in each dish and diversify the type of vegetables.

In addition to dietary patterns, baby constipation can also be caused by the following problems:

  • Infants are unwell and lack of eating and drinking
  • Types of medicines like pain-free and iron supplements can cause constipation
  • Babies have a family history associated with certain diseases such as Hirschsprung, chronic constipation, celiac disease and cystic fibrosis

What is the best baby milk formula for constipation?

Many who think iron content in formula milk cause constipation. This is based on observations on pregnant mothers who have this problem for taking iron supplements during pregnancy.

According to studies, infants with iron-lowered milk have constipated just like a baby who receives milk that has more iron content. Thus, the amount of iron in formula milk does not affect constipation. The possibility of baby constipation because the baby is allergic to some protein in cow’s milk. Hence, parents need to change the formula of milk formula using trial and error techniques to find suitable milk for constipation.

In Summary

To help choose the best formula for constipation children, you can visit the websites of each brands such as Pediasure as they will usually provide a form to get a free formula baby milk sample. Check and compare the protein content in the milk of each brand first before choosing.

Free formula milk samples can also be obtained from a hospital or clinic during delivery of a baby or clinic you visit to check your child’s health. Additionally, be familiar with product label tags to ensure that the amount of nutrients available is appropriate, no less and not excessive. And hopefully the milk guide for this constipation baby will help parents make the best choice to shape your children’s nutritional patterns and overcome constipation problems among infants and children.