Job Hunting: Easy Tips to Help ‘Fresh Grad’

In an increasingly challenging job-seek environment, you must be smart in promoting your own unique selling point. Especially for those who are relatively fresh in the world of work, such as school leavers, colleges or universities, many do not know how to distinguish themselves from other candidates, who have no direct experience in the field of work but only experience during the internship period.

If you are a new graduate student, what supplies and things to do to get a job as soon as possible? Here we share what you can do to get the job fastest. Here are the easiest and fastest tips to get a job.

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Find a Job Before Graduating

If you are in the final semester or before graduation, you are encouraged to start searching and analysing the job markets, especially the field involved. At this point you have begun to review the company involved and whichever related to your field of work. You may identify the company and list your priority. Then you see the web of companies that have been listed to make it easier for you to find the vacancy info.

Study the Trends of Advertising

View each company’s website and analyse the trend of advertising by monthly or yearly, if any. Give priority to the company where you are practicing or do internship. See what types of posts are usually advertised. If the usual job offer is relevant but not according to your study field, do not worry you will still have the opportunity to look at the field of job assignment and study in general or vice versa. The objective of this is because some companies do not take into accounts the specification of study but only at the candidates’ competence and character. For examples, it is applied to customer service posts or ticketing and so on. Or else, you may refer to job-seeking page such as JobStreet Malaysia, JobStreet Philippines and others.

Part-time Job

Many who underestimate the importance of maximizing vacation time to work. It does not matter if you only work as a clerk because this will teach you to adapt to a different world of work with the world of study. And although the duration is not long but it will help raise your self-worth because an experienced clerk can train themselves to communicate well, increase the competence in public speaking, more responsible to others and more advantages to you to get fastest job.

Make Sure your Appearance can Persuade your Employer

If you are persuading a professional career, you are advised to dress like a successful person. This is the first thing for you to have a really good “first impression.” Make sure you know the culture of the company. But sometimes when you overly dressed, your employer will not like to see it because it does not fit the culture of the company. That’s why you need to make sure you wear the dress that suitable to the position and the culture of the company you are requesting, because sometimes what the employer expects may be just you to be neat and polite.

Business or Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in entrepreneurship or doing business, do you know that there are many job opportunities coming from small companies that need immediate sales assistants, such as boutique shops, supermarkets, restaurants, stationery shops, hotel services and so on. Who knows what opportunities exist when you know the existing customers. Here you may build a huge networking and relationship and the network can be used as it is very important for your future career. Even though sometimes the salary is not good enough but the experience is valuable. Every job we have has the untold competence and skills. Normally everything will come after you work elsewhere. So why not try beforehand, any work is better than sitting unemployed isn’t it? At least you can pay for your study loans with it.

All in all

In a nutshell, you are advised to take any opportunity in front of your eyes even if it works only as a tea lady. Although we have a degree, a Master or a PHD, do not be shy about doing the work that is not our level. Try it! Because you will surely have a valuable experience in your life. It’s easy to see but through the experience it will become more expensive for ourselves. If you becomes a leader someday, your work will be easier as you will understand what the subordinates are all about through your previous job.