Tips to Avoid the 5 Most Common Car Accident Causes

A statistic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) shows that Malaysia has the third riskiest roads in the world after Thailand and South Africa. In 2016, former Transport Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai also revealed that 7,152 people died in January alone, and stated that human error causes 80.6% of the road accidents.

There are various causes of car accidents other than human error;  some are not within your control. You’ll never know when or how you’ll get into a traffic accident, so it’s crucial to drive safely and to have car insurance. There are also chances of other drivers causing the crashes, so it’s essential to protect yourself by filing a car accident claim.

So, what are the common causes of accidents? And are there ways to decrease your chances of getting involved in one? Look no further, the answers are in this article!

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Using a smartphone while driving

Did you know that answering a text on your phone takes away your attention off the road for five seconds? Anything can happen within that short period, including getting into car crash.

Smartphones and social media is an excellent tool that keeps all of us connected on the go, but smartphone distraction rates are alarmingly high. You should never use your phone while driving, not for texting or for Pokemon Go.

If you aren’t disciplined and can’t keep your hands off your smartphone, shut it down and keep it away from your when you’re driving.

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Being late is not a valid excuse of going over the speed limit. Tons of research goes into deciding a speed limit and ignoring them creates risks for you and the drivers around you.

Not only does going over the speed limit puts you in danger, but it can also bring other disadvantages.  If you often speed, you’re likely to get tickets, lower your gas mileage (which means more trips gas station), and create more pollution.

Resist the urge to speed and stay within the speed, so you and everyone around you stay safe.

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Improper turns and wrong-way driving

When a driver constantly ignores street signs or doesn’t use signals properly to get into another lane, a horrible traffic accident is bound to happen.

We all make mistakes from time to time, but it is crucial to obey traffic rules and avoid wrong-way driving. That means no illegal U-turns, no turning from the incorrect lane, and using your signals to inform others you’re merging into a lane.

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Malaysia’s sadly known for its poor road conditions such as uneven roads and potholes. Not only are they a huge nuisance, but they also pose significant dangers to drivers.

Driving through potholes does damage to your car, which is why drivers try to avoid them by driving around it. However, if you’re not careful, you may swerve into the other lane and crash into another vehicle.

Always be alert and on the lookout for potholes while driving. Swerve cautiously around the pothole, or drive slowly over it if you can’t avoid it.

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Bad weather

You can’t stop rain from falling while you’re driving, but you can take safety precautions when it happens.

Heavy rain is dangerous in various ways: it makes the road slippery, and it impairs your vision and judgement. Sometimes, it’s better to pull over and wait for the storm to pass rather than braving the rain.


It is a driver’s responsibility to have your car in control even when an accident isn’t your fault. Take safety into your own hands for you never know who else might fail to drive cautiously.

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