Tips to have better fuel consumption

As Kuala Lumpur city driver, me in my Mitsubishi ASX is constantly thinking on how to save my fuel consumption. Surely many do not know how to save fuel while driving?

Here I share my tips on how to save and having better fuel efficiency in daily basis. These tips is so simple that everyone can/should follow in order to save more.

mitsubishi asx tire

Tires are filled with correct pressure

Wind pressure must be correct. Wind stresses that did not follow the specifications resulted in the use of fuel increased by 5 percent. Heavy chart and wind pressure are usually exposed to wind filling stations at any gas station. Do not let the tires get less wind pressure as it causes the vehicle to drive heavier and this does not save the fuel.

The less pressure tires lead to increased fuel consumption up to 35 percent. Check and set tire pressure according to your vehicle’s specifications at least once a month.

Avoid slowing the vehicle suddenly

Do not stop suddenly because the energy used to stop the car drastically is much more than slow-moving car. Slow the vehicle by releasing the fuel slowly before pressing the brake.

Close the window and use the air conditioner

When the window is opened, your car will be less aerodynamic and will slow down the car’s acceleration. Research also shows the use of air conditioners while driving faster with less fuel than when driving slowly.

Use of appropriate gear.

Choose gear that suits speed. Using low gear for high speed causes gasoline wastage due to the pressure on the engine to be too high. Use `economy ‘mode if your car has it.

Speedy driving on low gear can increase fuel consumption up to 45 percent from what it should. The use of manual transmission vehicles, allows you to save fuel.

Reduce weight / carload.

You also need to know when carrying more than the burden which is appropriate also causes the rate of fuel consumption to exceed the normal level.

So do not bring unnecessary stuff (your car is not a store). Look in your car’s boot, there may be a lot of things that should not be in the boot but are brought here and there. Increase in weight of 50 kilograms increases fuel consumption by 2 percent

Turn off the car engine while waiting

If the car does not move, turn off the engine if it’s just waiting for someone. Waiting for a husband, wife or friend who stop at the grocery store to buy items can sometimes be too long.

This is probably because there are many customers in the store. So, open the car window and switch off the engine to save your car fuel.

All in all

As our effort to preserve and saving as many fuel consumption as we can, there are things that we can control as per listed in the article. I hope that these tips will help you in the effort to avoid wastage.